Cool Down Corral

Fan Cool Down Corral

Fan CDC has a 36" Evaporative Cooling Fan and 275 Gallon water tank. 

Lunch Room Cool Down Corral

Lunch Room can be equipped with a 36" or 48A" Evaporative Cooling Fan and 275 gallon water tank or with 2-110Volt 15,000 btu Air Conditioner.

A/C Cool Down Corral

A/C CDC's are equipped with 2-110 Volt, 15,000btu air conditioners wired through external disconnect for safety disconnect switch

Intrinsically safe Fan CDC

36" or 48" Intrinsically Safe fan models available

Warm Up Corrals

  Warm Up Corrals are equipped with 2 – 110V, 12,000 BTU Heat pumps wired with external fused disconnects  (9900 BTU mechanical/3500 BTU electric strip) or 230V heat pumps available with 480V conversion package upon request  

All Models are equipped with:

  • Metal insulated roof and front wall
  • Inside and outside safety lights
  • Exit sign with Battery backup
  • 1 stabilizing, leveling jack located on each corner
  • Fold down steps with hand rail
  •  Fire Extinguisher
  • Clear, fire retardant sidewalls
  • 4 external tie down points